We have been using Mac-based state-of-the-art software and computer hardware ever since the company was founded in 1997 - and have seen the capabilities of in-the-box arranging and recording far exceed our imaginings back then. We spend a lot of effort in our keeping up-to-date with the latest software and plugins, and all the latest sound libraries and Virtual Instruments.

Although a large majority of work is now produced completely in-the-box, i.e. remaining completely in the digital realm after leaving the microphone or pick-up, we also have an array of highly renowned outboard analog equipment - e.g. compressors and summing busses, for when that extra analog warmth is required.

Video is also digitised and locked to audio, allowing frame perfect syncing of cues and sound effects, at any frame rate. State of the art computerised editing and transposition abilities combined with the totally digital mixing system results in unparalleled flexibility, transparency and ease of use. Projects can be swapped in minutes allowing the producer more freedom than ever before to achieve the client's wishes. For recording live instruments we have a variety of valve condenser and dynamic microphones, industry-standard Grace mic pre-amps, valve guitar pre-amps and a wide range of signal and mastering processors. Both of our recording rooms are completely floated, giving us complete isolation between rooms - not only that - all recording and control rooms are acoustically designed for a completely transparent recording and mixing environment.

Between us we have around 30 guitars in house and more at home. 



Projects can be mastered in any digital format: CD-R, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, DVD-R, Quicktime, DV, AVI, MPEG2 or 4, or ProTools-compatible OMF files Our reference library consists of thousands of hours of music, all on hard disk, so that an extensive reference selection can be provided for every job during pre-production. Our Sound Effects Library is equally comprehensive and easily accessible. Every client can be given their own private FTP address on the Drum Server, for instant access and delivery of files, to and from anywhere in the world.